When it comes to your relationship with yourself and others, there is nothing more intimate than what goes on behind closed doors.

Hunny Productions is inviting itself into your sex life, looking to capture your most delicate moments and create a high quality, artistic, professionally shot sex film or photoshoot for you and your partner... or maybe it’s just you.

Being filmed or photographed during a sexual act is a fantasy millions of people think about everyday. There is something about being watched that has an effect on the human mind. With this, through our cinematic aesthetic of filmmaking, photography and editing, we’ll create an artistic and sexual story.

Our mission is to not only show you that you don’t have to be a professional adult entertainer in order to create a beautiful sex film or photograph, but that your fantasies are an artistic act. The authentic passion between partners, lovers or yourself is what we are looking to capture and create. And through the authenticity that we see and capture on camera, we commmit ourselves to sex-positive and ethical behavior. 

Your privacy is fully protected and we go to great lengths in order to ensure it remains that way from start to finish, and long after your production is over. Transparency in how we protect your privacy is fully explained. Your special film or photographs do not need to be for the world to see. It’s for your eyes only.

We are looking to capture everyday people that want to take their sex life to a different level and create something special. Our clients are parents, friends, bankers, school teachers, attorneys, police officers, CEO’s, doctors...actual people in relationships with others or themselves. 

Hunny Productions is made up of a small team of passionate professionals, all sharing the same vision of bringing high quality production to your homemade sex life.